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YouthLab Solutions is a home-grown burgeoning consulting firm and reliable partner in capacity building; management consulting; outsourcing advisory, research & development; entrepreneurship, skills development & start-up incubation; mentorship; micro, small, medium, enterprises (MSME) support services and deployment of business optimization tools & techniques. The company was founded in 2018 by a consortium of experienced Nigerian consultants, we have been able to forge a strong and talented team of local and international professionals that constantly strive for innovative and valuable approaches to give our clients a competitive edge.


Effective Leader

Effective leaders with vision, empathy, integrity, adaptability, communication skills, empowerment, and dedication to steer their teams toward success.

Achieve Your Goals

YouthLab aim is to ensure your desired goals are achieved within the shortest time possible

Creative Idea

We work on your idea and develop it more to become a reality

Free 24/7 Support

We are always available for consultation and capacity building.


What We Offer

Personnel Services

We are building a wide international network by creatively accessing primary markets in Nigeria and providing highly skilled and qualified resources in a fast, efficient, and effective way.


Outsourcing is too often driven by cost reduction, which generates fear among employees. This means that a wrong outsourcing strategy that doesn’t include employees and their expertise is doomed to failure.

Program and Project Management

YouthLab Solutions understands that executing successful project management lies in understanding how critical it is to join with the right leadership and the necessary skills. Understanding the human factor and mastering all available skills need to...

Managed Services

YouthLab Solutions recognizes that competition is one of the key elements for every company. Successful enterprises have already understood that the key to competition is concentrating on the core business.

Why Choose Us


YouthLab Solutions is a reliable and valued partner for building capacity, staff development, and successful outsourcing strategies by streamlining internal processes for a smooth transition, efficiently managing the outsourcing process, and significantly reducing costs, while improving the quality of deliverables

Dedicated Team

YouthLab Solutions' unique selling point is that our work relies on people, all passionate and dedicated, with an extraordinary range of skills and talents. We believe that with their creative engagement, efforts end energy we will be successful in all projects we undertake

24/7 Support

Our Support team is always available to help you with any questions or information you might require for a successful working relationship

Free Consultation



    Chiedozie Onyeukwu

    Managing Partner

    Mr. Chiedozie is an Enterprise Resource Manager, a Sustainable Development Specialist and a Projects

    Collins Okonkwo

    Managing Partner

    Mr. Collins is a Youth Educationist and Advocate. He is a Co-founder of YouthLab

    Emeka Odibeli

    Managing Partner

    Mr. Emeka is the Managing Partner and co-founder of YouthLab Solutions with headquarters in

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